The direction of the sun

Take life in your hands,
and do not let anyone else give it direction.
As much as they love you or wish your well,
Only you can feel what you feel
And the impression you pass to others
Does not always match what’s going on in your soul.

How many times have you smiled to conceal a stubborn tear?
How often have you wanted to scream and stifle the anguish that tried to come out?

How often have you wanted to run yet remained out of politeness, respect or fear?
How often have you just wanted a kiss, but got a dry mouth expecting what did not come?
How often did all you want was a simple hug, some comforting, a friendly word…
but received only ingratitude?

How many steps were needed for you to get to where you are now?
How many know how to truly value you the way you deserve?
Criticizing is easy, but no one wants to be in your shoes, no one wants to wear the pain
They only hear your problems out of curiosity
So never hand your live over to the hands of someone else,
Never believe you cannot survive without him or her…
Yes, you will live!

The world keeps going around and if you allow
It can bring in something much better.
Take hold of your life and point southward,
There where the sign says “Follow the Sun”,
Right there at the curve of happiness
That awaits you without hurry,
to live with love and strength,
Peace, harmony and happiness
Paulo Roberto Gaefke